What we do

At FineTune, we’re driven by a simple question: If we decrease burnout and disengagement even by one percent, how much does the cost of turnover fall? Our work focuses on tracking the internal signs of burnout before they become external, through an approach that is forward thinking, tech-driven, with a rigorous emphasis on data. We believe that by being armed with the right stats, a company can change its burnout rate through facts and not feelings.

It all starts with an introduction to nutrition, recovery, and stress management followed by a  personalised lifestyle assessment using one of our products, FirstBeat. FirstBeat is a small wearable device which measures heart rate variability and provides objective reports on stress levels, recovery times, and exercise. It adapts the technology commonly used by top level athletes and applies it to high-performing employees.

After a three day analysis, FirstBeat generates a personalised assessment with in-depth data on peak stress, recovery, and exercise times throughout the day. After identifying these key periods, we then develop actionable goals towards managing stress and how best to increase productivity and wellbeing. Life will always contain a certain level of stress - the goal is to use data to find a balance between stress and recovery, and prevent cognitive overload which leads to burnout. Being pre-emptive allows employers to address red flag issues before they reach a critical point for their team.

The results speak for themselves

85% of employees report feeling more productive at work

88% experience an improvement in well-being

32% reduction in sick leave/days of absence

All which lead to greater job satisfaction and more importantly, less of the burnout and disengagement that leads to preventable staff turnover.