The way we work

The FineTune Process

FineTune focuses on reducing disengagement by pre-empting employee burnout. Our work focuses on tracking an individual’s internal signs of burnout before they become external, through an approach that is forward thinking, tech-driven, with a rigorous emphasis on data. It all starts with a Lifestyle Assessment which utilises cutting edge biometrics gathered by our wearable ECG device, Firstbeat.

ECG stands for electrocardiogram and provides a greater level of detail and in-depth measurement compared to an everyday wearable tracker.

How a Lifestyle Assessment works 

Kick-off session

At your convenience, we lead your team through an introductory workshop to the Lifestyle Assessment process. We use technology commonly used by top level athletes and adapt it for high-performing employees. In order to obtain a consistent reading, your chosen team or individuals wear an ECG device over three days, which generates a personalised report with in-depth data on peak stress, recovery, and exercise periods throughout the day.


We analyse the individual reports and guide your team through their personalised data, specifically how it applies to their current work-life balance. We can also guide your relevant company representative through a general team overview, to get a greater sense of what role stress and recovery play within their teams.

Follow up and personal roadmap

After analysing each personalised report, we develop actionable goals towards managing stress and how best to increase productivity and wellbeing. Our goal is to use data to help your teams find a balance between stress and recovery, and prevent the cognitive overload which leads to burnout. We offer practical solutions and simple routines to follow, so the results provide continuous positive improvement.

Why it matters

Stress reactions result in elevated activity. And long term stress means lower productivity.

It’s important to find the balance between too little exercise and over-reaching. Both have negative effects on our work-life balance.

Only ¼ of our day is spent in a rest-state. Balancing exercise and stress with recovery leads to an increase in wellness and efficiency.


If you are interested in learning more please do not hesitate to contact us.