Lifestyle Assessment

Individual well-being is reflected throughout a whole organization. Our Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment gives each employee the tools to enhance their personal well-being and offers tips for better stress-management, resilience and recovery.

How does a Lifestyle Assessment Work?

  1. It all starts with a Kick-off session

    At your convenience, we lead your team through an introductory workshop to the Firstbeat Lifestyle device. The Firstbeat device is a wearable ECG device which gathers cutting edge biometric data and produces insights into an individual’s stress and recovery levels. Your chosen team or individuals will wear the Firstbeat device over three days, without interrupting their normal day-to-day. The device will generate a personalised report with in-depth data providing an overview on peak stress, recovery, and exercise periods.

  2. Measure the Results

    Over the three day period, the Firstbeat device will gather information on your heart rate variability (HRV). We collate this information, analyse the data, and create personalized Lifestyle Assesment reports for each person. Your employees will then benefit from a one-on-one session with one of our experienced coaches, who will offer greater understanding on their individual reports and guide them through their personalised data, specifically how it applies to their current work-life balance.

    We can also guide your relevant company representative through a general team overview, to get a greater sense of what role stress and recovery play within the team as a whole.

  3. Follow up and Findings

    After analysing each personalised report, we develop actionable goals towards managing stress and how best to increase productivity and wellbeing. Our goal is to use data to help your teams find a balance between stress and recovery, with the aim of preventing burnout and cognitive overload. We offer practical solutions and simple routines to follow, so the results provide continuous positive improvement.

    We have seen that the small personalised lifestyle changes that come about as a result of the Lifestyle Assessment do become permanent, and reports have shown well-being increases amongst employees. Any individuals at risk or forecasting signs of burnout will be directed to occupational health care so that they can immediately get the help they need.

After our summary report and expert recommendations, you are ready to take the next steps towards improved occupational well-being.

Backed by data, you’ll learn which teams need additional resources and help to restore a productive work-life balance. Additionally, you will see which teams that have unused resources, helping you take action in unlocking hidden potential and productivity. Through this deeper understanding, you can make informed investments towards the right teams and individuals

Even small changes in effectiveness, well-being and recovery create significant profits and savings at a company level: a proactive approach can be up to ten times more cost-effective in comparison to a reactive approach.

As you know, a happy and healthy staff is the most valuable resource a top-performing company has. Investments in employee wellbeing can lead to top-performers consistently delivering at their best and attracts top-level talent—now and in the future.

What are the business benefits?

  • Anticipate

    Help employees make better lifestyle choices, which lead to health benefits on an individual level and a positive impact on wider KPIs.

  • Lead with Data

    Get factual data on how your employees are performing and pinpoint potential risks. The right information allows you to act accordingly—target investments, reallocate resources, and lower the costly risk of burnout.

  • Create Results

    Compared to soft-learnings, factual data can lead to planned and targeted investments in your company’s overall occupational wellbeing. Improving wellbeing leads to increased efficiency, lower health care costs, and a greater optimisation of resources.