The way we work

Using cutting-edge technology, FineTune focuses on helping employees and companies perform at the best level possible. Our data driven approach is designed to identify and address early signs of burnout and increase employee engagement.


What We Do

FineTune works to help businesses adapt, adjust, and hone expertise. We use physiological and biometric data, combined with our experience of employee wellness, to provide you and your team with actionable steps towards a more productive work-life balance.

“Change through facts not feelings”

FineTune believes solving burnout shouldn’t leave Talent and HR Departments feeling burnout in the process. While most workplace initiatives don’t offer quantifiable results and focus on collective comfort, our tech-driven approach measures individual well-being and implements change through facts not feelings. With our biometric reports, you can pre-emptively track the internal signs of disengagement before they become external.

Through anticipating burnout, it can be prevented. Find out more


How It Works

  • Measure Get a physiological snapshot of everyday life

  • Learn from data Use reports to identify factors that affect well-being and performance

  • Get the balance right We provided personal advice and road-map steps to improvement

  • Follow-up and see the effects Keep track of affecting factors. 82% report an improvement in stress management, exercise, and quality of sleep

Physiological Insights on Wellbeing and Performance

FineTune have partnered with Firstbeat to deliver the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment. Based on 15 years of research in heart rate variability (HRV), our product Firstbeat provides real-life 24 hour tracking of stress, recovery, sleep quality, and health benefits of exercise.

Firstbeat has been adopted worldwide by hundreds of elite sports teams, thousands of businesses, and millions of individual users to help them understand their personal, actionable information on stress, recovery, and exercise.



  • 96%

    would recommend the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment to others

  • 82%

    Were able to improve stress management, sleep quality and exercise habits

  • 32%

    reduction in sick days taken by employees

  • 85%

    Of employees felt more productive at work


What We've Done

  • EY

    Globally, EY employs more than a quarter of a million professionals. Watch how a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment worked to provide individual ways to manage well-being for teams in EY Finland.

  • KPMG

    As one of the Big Four, KPMG knows the importance of helping employees stay at the top of their game. Learn more about the role our Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment played in the company’s performance coaching.

  • Lendlease

    For Lendlease, the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment did more than just help teams find a work life balance. Read how a three-stage approach unlocked the potential for the business and its people to thrive.


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